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Life Coaching Services 

Life can be complicated and stressful. We know that all too well! We also understand that it can be difficult to get support for yourself when you have a lot going on and cannot commit to physically coming to our office or are located out of state or the country. For that reason, we offer flexible and convenient life coaching services via telephone or video calls that you can make from the privacy of your home or on the go. We will work with you to set goals  so that you can resolve issues in your life that are causing your stress or stopping you from being where you want to be in life.


It is important to understand that life coaching is not a substitute for mental health treatment and does not address unresolved issues from your past that are presently causing you distress.  For these types of issues we recommend you seek individual therapy at our office or inquire about our Telehealth service. 

Benefits of Life Coaching 

  • Personalized and unbiased support

  • Accountability towards reaching your goals 

  • Learn how to structure your life so that you can achieve your personal and professional goals. 

  • Break out of negative thoughts that were leading you to feel "stuck." 

  • Career guidance 

  • Support with financial planning 

  • And more! 

Available Packages 

Monthly - $225

This package offers one 30 minute call with your life coach per week. This  package is good for those who are looking for structured sessions and weekly accountability.  

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Express - $300

This package is for those who feel they would like their calls with their life coach more frequently or with more flexibility in regards to the length of the calls. Another benefit of this package is that you will not have to login to purchase each individual call. The cost per call will be deducted accordingly. An option to renew will be offered at the last call. 

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Individual Calls

30 minutes Life Coaching session - $60 

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60 minutes Life Coaching session - $120 

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You will be sent a confirmation email that will instruct

you on how to schedule your session.

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