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Nadiya Dolce, MSW, LCSW has successfully completed the Connecticut TF-CBT credential training and case completion requirements and is recognized as a preferred TF-CBT provider by the Child Health and Development Institute of CT.

The thought of living your life after the loss of a pregnancy or the passing of your baby seems impossible. The world moves on, but you feel stuck. The minutes, hours, and days after may seem surreal, numb, dark, and may be filled with sadness, anger, and lingering questions of why this happened. Each person impacted by a tragedy of this magnitude copes with it differently. You may find that you are having a difficult time coping with your emotions and your partner may seem like they are “moving on” faster than you are. Your relationship with one another can also be impacted during this time. For some couples it brings them closer, while for others it may be the final straw that breaks them apart.

The support from loved ones may start to dwindle sooner than you would have hoped or may not have been there from the start. You may find yourself triggered by others who are pregnant, baby commercials, specific dates, holidays, milestones, or even passing by the baby section in a store where at one point you use to get so excited shopping in, but now it is all too painful. The list goes on and on, but unless you have walked in these shoes, it can be very difficult to fathom the pain and suffering you face on an almost daily basis. To say we are sorry for your loss would be cliché and an understatement. Having experienced the loss of our newborn son, we know all too well the depth of sadness felt when the child you hoped for and dreamed about passes away.

Although we wish you never had to be a part of this community, we want you to know that you are not alone. Should you find yourself in need of support, please reach out to either Will or Nadiya through phone or email.

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